Mrs. Eveleyn Ibrahimi IG Agouza School Principal

Mrs. Eveleyn Ibrahimi

IG Agouza School Principal

Dear Students,
It gives me extreme elation and honour to be a member of the family of Dar-El Tarbiah Agouza IGCSE School. So, I find it vital to spotlight the importance of education in our modern life.

Education is presently thought of as the only weapon utilized for a brighter and more prosperous future and as the firm basis for social peace. That is why Dr. Nawal El Gegwi devotes all her life for the advancement of education and the acquiring of knowledge. Thus, all the development achieved under her loving guidance will surely influence your educational performance. This, eventually, will have a strong impact on all aspects of your life, and, in turn, will be reflected on the society as a whole. We all aspire that your education will be for you a source of joy, pleasure and, certainly, a cause for your pride.

During the educational process, you are encouraged to have the ability to interact with modern technology, accept opinions of others as you work with them in the most respectful manner. Make excellence and perfection your ultimate goal. In this way, you will be able to achieve your aspirations and become all what Egypt demands from you.

You should always remember that "knowledge is paver", so, everyone should value his/her education and always remember that the one thousand mile journey begins with just one step! Whispers!.

My dearest sons and daughters of Dar El-Tarbiah School, I feel that I am mother for you all and the greatest joy of a mother is to feel so close to her own children. Let me remind you that if you want to become a leader in any field one day, you must develop all your potentials mentally, socially and morally. You should be honest with yourself and with others as well i.e. have the gift of integrity. Finally, the man also who knows "How will never be without a job", but the man who knows "Why will always be his boss".

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Miss. Moshira Shady - IG Zamalek School Principal

Mrs. Moshira Shady

IG Zamalek School Principal

Welcome to Dar El Tarbiah School, home of Excellency. We are proud of our school, our students, our staff and the outstanding community of parents and patrons that provide wonderful support to our school.

We extend best wishes for an exciting and productive year in our school. We hope that you will quickly feel at home and become involved in the activities of our school. Let's greet the new year with a resounding cheer and endeavor to achieve our goals together! .

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Welcome to our family.

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